Job Description

Senior Management Position at an International Kindergarten Shanghai ......2019/01/13

International Division Coordinators:
A challenging and exciting Senior Management Position in an idyllic setting in Shanghai for an educator who is both adaptable and innovative. The successful candidate will be a curriculum leader, extremely personable and enthusiastic. He/she should be an excellent teacher, motivator and communicator and should be capable of managing staff and administrative duties. Strong organizational and leadership skills and the ability to liaise with and listen to people are very important.

  1. Native English speaker, both written and spoken.
  2. BA/BSc in Early Childhood Education/Primary Education required; MA/MSc in Education would be a bonus.
  3. Knowledge of and experience working with the English National Curriculum is preferred.
  4. Experience working with ESL required – 120 hours certificate.
  5. A minimum of 2 -3.5 years of management and 5 years classroom working experience preferred.
Salary and Benefits: Job Responsibilities include but not limited to:
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