What & How we do

Our job applicants are located in overseas and throughout China. If a teacher applies for a position where the location is outside his current residency and requires relocation, our agency will assist you. In this situation, it may require some support to help the teacher to get settled. IseeESLTeachers provides fully-supported services for the teacher who needs to relocate for work.

For the teachers coming from overseas and a first time visitor to China, we shall assist you so that your transition will be smooth and without worry. Our agency believes your introduction to a new culture and environment is a top priority and, of course, these services are all free of charge for the teachers.

How do we work when the teacher is in overseas?

If you apply for a job vacancy from overseas, we will schedule a video interview after we send you the job description. Sometimes, there are more than one video interviews scheduled with the prospective school administrators. After you receive the offer, you should prepare for the necessary documents for the Chinese work visa. Usually, the teachers who have obtained an offer from overseas, first enter with a work visa or non-work visa (Business visa or Tourist visa). But most of the teachers enter with a tourist visa. Then the school will apply for the work visa after the teacher arrives. This procedure will shorten the hiring period.

The documents you need to apply for the work visa:

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